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We want to thank you for taking time to be a part of Polski Sausage and we hope you enjoy our delicious all natural family recipe.

"Grandpa," top left and "Vic," lower left.

The story behind our Polski brand kielbasa.

We are originally from a small town in New Jersey whose population was primarily Polish.   In that blue collar town, most folks did not go to the grocery store and buy Polish sausage ("kielbasa"), they made it at home with fresh, all natural ingredients.   With so many Polish people in one area, there were a lot of recipes for stuffed cabbage, pierogies and kielbasa.   One thing everyone in the family and most in the neighborhood agreed on was  the fresh ("biala") kielbasa my wife, Jean and I made tasted the best. My recipe was one handed down to me from my father, who was taught to make this wonderful sausage by his father (my grandfather) over in Poland. Grandpa not only passed on the recipe, but also the fact that fresh, high quality ingredients were necessary. His words were, "When you make something for your family, you want it to be good."  When my Dad emigrated through Ellis Island , he brought that recipe with him.  After the kids left the roost, Jean I high moved to California for Jean's health.  Before long we were making kielbasa for family, friends and co-workers.  When our family makes kielbasa, we remember Grandpa's mission: make the best!  Soon we had two of our sons helping us make the sausage. Then a friend offered to get involved.  That dear friend was Carl. He loved it so much, Carl, my son David and I decided to make it commercially available so folks could buy a truly all natural product that was made with the care they would use if they made it for their family.  None of our eight varieties contain gluten, soy, dairy, MSG, nitrates, nitrites, artificial colors, preservatives, fillers, or words like "spices," or "natural flavors." Actually, it is easier to say, our family recipe sausage varieties contain only a few, fresh, all natural ingredients. Although we will not share our secret family recipes with you, we would like to share the quality that goes into every bite of our all natural, gourmet Polski Sausage; "from our family to yours."

The Kubie Slider: One Easter in the not-too-distant past, the family got a late start on making its delicious Polski Sausage; it was Good Friday and the moon was bright and full. Whenever we made Polski Sausage, our tradition included grilling some to taste the fruits of our labor (we still do that today for quality control purposes). This time, we bought some dinner rolls and made a few 2-ounce links. We put the kielbasa links between the buns, added spicy brown mustard and creamy horseradish and the first Kubie Sliders were created in our  kitchen that night.   We call them, Kubie Sliders because Kubie is Slavic slang for a sausage sandwich. They are, to our knowledge, the first commercially available fully grilled, microwaveable, "heat n eat" slider sized Polish Sausage sandwich. We figured out a way to give you that fresh-grilled sausage taste in a microwavable sandwich. 

Local demand told us that Polski Sausage was saleable; we knew the name was catchy enough to make a business of it.  Before you could say " AMBROZYJSKI " (the word means DELICIOUS in Polish), our company was formed.  

Naturally Low in Sodium

The amazing thing about Polski Sausage is that when we sent the recipe off to the lab to be analyzed, we discovered another benefit to eating Polski Sausage. When comparing the per serving sodium content to other leading brands, we were amazed to see how much sodium was in them.  Those big name brands have at two times the sodium content as our Polski Sausage.  Our pork varieties have 190 mg per 2-oz serving and the chicken varieties have 220 mg per 2-oz serving. We suggest you check out those name brands, including those chicken sausages, and look at the sodium content per serving and their full ingredients list.  Then compare it to our label; you will be amazed.  That is because we get our flavor from a great combination of fresh, all natural ingredients, not just salt.  Our label says, "fresh garlic," "fresh apples" (in our pork apple and chicken apple) and, "fresh jalapenos" (in our pork jalapeno and chicken jalapeno). We do not use anything jarred, powdered, dried, dehydrated, juices, etc. We make our sausage the way you would make sausage. So, give Polski a try! We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for taking the time to enjoy our family recipe.  We personally welcome your stories, recipes and feedback.

Vic, David & Carl